Saturday, 18 September 2010

An Ode To My Hair!

I know a few people have posted this week about hair, but considering I did only get mine done on Thursday, and my ideas for this post are still fresh in my memory, I'm going to post it anyway!

I'm pretty adventurous with my hair. In my lifetime I've had:

1. The Louise Brooks twice (the first time was when I was only four years old!)

2. The Shirley Temple

3. The, um, Dorothy Gale

4. The Mary Tyler Moore 

5. And, most recently, well, um, I can't think of anyone. It was kind of like Audrey's hair in this creepy photo.

But now, after many different styles, I have (drum roll please)...


And it has very quickly become my favourite! It's so cute, and really easy to style! I love looking like (or attempting to look like!) a real 60's mod! So, to pay homage to my new hair, here are a few images of Twiggy looking extra gorgeous!

Though, to complete the look I may need her clothes. And her face, too.


Millie said...

THE TWIGGY! That's amazing! I wish I had the courage to do that! I always want to chop my hair off like Mia Farrow, but I stop JUST before! haha!

My just cut hair is similar to Carey Mulligan's recently cut hair!

Niamhy said...

I love Carey Mulligan's hair! It's just gorgeous!

And I don't know so much about courage! I remember getting the Audrey-like hairdo done two years ago, and I was nearly crying watching the locks of hair come off!

And Mia Farrow's hair is really cool too. My mum's hair is inspired by her!

Anonymous said...

I had very long hair for ages, but early this past summer, I got a bob. (Secretly, I wanted to try something like The Twiggy, but lacked the bravery.) Now my hair has reached shoulder length,I typically flip it out. Essentially, I currently have The Mary Tyler Moore, only it's a little bit shorter.

Niamhy said...

I love the Mary Tyler Moore, it's really pretty. And I adore the flip!
And if you ever feel like cutting your hair short, I would just say go for it! It'll grow back!