Sunday, 26 September 2010

Niamhy Finally Likes Clark Gable Day!

A miracle has occurred! I finally like Clark Gable! Clark and I haven't had a very good relationship. And it all began when I was seven years old...
This is another one of these 'Watching Movies From Granny's Time' stories. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of of the TV, watching TCM, eagerly anticipating a movie I knew would make a lasting impact on me; my first epic: Gone With The Wind.

Well, I sat cross-legged on that wooden floor for four hours. Not even the ice-cream van nor bouts of pins and needles forced me to move. I was determined to like this movie! I simply had to like it! I was not a classic movie fan unless I liked it!
But it was no use. I LOATHED it! There were so many things I found wrong with it-the unnecessary, bum-numbing length, the melodrama, Vivien Leigh's character...there are too many reasons! 
I vowed never to watch the movie again. And I have kept that promise so far. I would like to attempt to watch it one more time, to see if aging has made a difference, but I just can't bring myself to do it! I even attempted reading the book (and I am a bookworm!), but I gave up. I just think me and Gone With The Wind aren't meant to be.
Well, that was the end of my acquaintance with Mr. Gable. Until now.

Last week I was in my room, attempting to perfect my 60's eye make-up, when my brother came in, shoved a DVD into my hands and walked back out again. It was It Happened One Night. I only got a chance to watch it today-AND I AM TOTALLY AND UTTERLY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH IT!!!
By gad, this movie is fantastic! The story is wonderful, the acting enchanting, the script is hilarious-you simply can not praise it enough!
And Clark and Claudette have such wonderful chemistry in it. Their love for each other is so believable-if the 4 year old Niamhy was watching it she probably would have thought they actually were in love!

So, finally, after many long years, the feud is over! NIAMHY FINALLY LIKES CLARKE GABLE!

(By the way, to all GWTW fans: I am very sorry, I just don't like your masterpiece. Simply my opinion! Please don't throw rocks at me!)


Millie said...


It Happened One Night is my absolute favorite Clark film! It's utter brilliance (Teacher's Pet is my second favorite). I actually lent it to a friend this weekend, and she's completely in love with it now!

There's so much amazingness...

And, BTW, this is the first movie I ever remember watching. Four year-old Millie LOVED this movie!

(P.S. I hate GWTW too, except for Olivia and Clark).

Niamhy said...

I will definitely check out Teacher's Pet-thanks for the recommendation!

And that's so sweet that this was the first movie you can remember watching-you were a four year old with very good taste! Let me think...the first movie I remember watching is...White Christmas, oh so many years ago!

And Olivia De Havilland was the only reason the 7 year old Niamhy continued watching GWTW! She was great. The rest of the movie? Meh.