Monday, 6 September 2010

My Favourite Movies!

Okay, these are in no particular order! All these movies are my favourites! So, here we go...

Okay, before I start getting hate thrown at me by Hitchcock fans like myself: I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS THE BEST HITCHCOCK MOVIE! We all know that they are The Lady Vanishes and Shadow of a Doubt! I'm just saying that this is my favourite one.

Why? Well, this movie brings back so many good memories for me! Each time I watch it, I remember my very first viewing. I was seven, it was a Saturday morning and my mummy was taking care of my Alzheimer-ridden granny. Whilst flicking through the channels I spotted Rebecca, and decided to watch it, because I had heard my mummy praise it so often. And guess what-I ADORED IT! May I add that this was the first time I had ever watched a Hitchcock movie! It was the beginning of an era!

Other reasons why I love this movie-it has an absolutely fantastic storyline (although I prefer the book ending!), great acting and I'm a huge fan of Mr. Olivier's moustache!

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