Monday, 13 September 2010

My Favourite Movies!

Aw, the last in the series!

This movie is simply adorable! It's so sweet and cute and...all those really nice, girly words! Except one thing:William Holden. I apologise in advance to any Holden fans, but I just really dislike the guy! And I don't know what it is-he just makes me feel sort of sick! But enough about him, onto the movie...
As I said, it's a lovely Cinderella-like story! Audrey is just gorgeous as Sabrina Fairchild and Humph is sort of huggable in a way! I know-Humphrey is huggable!

This movie just makes me happy-I don't know what else I can say! Except maybe that I want the black and white ball gown. Oh! And, 'Yes! We Have No Bananas!' Haha!

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