Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Men With The Moustaches!

I heart moustaches. I don't know what it is about them, but I love them! Well, that is, on vintage men (modern day men...I'm not so sure!). They are the epitome of coolness. So, to celebrate the wonderful face fuzz here are some men who totally rock the 'tash! 

1. Laurence Olivier-This man has the most amazing moustache ever! You simply can't take your eyes off it!

2. Michael Redgrave-This moustache makes me laugh! I don't know what it is about it; it's just so comical! Every time he appeared on screen in 'The Lady Vanishes' I just burst into fits of giggles! But I do love it!

3. Biggles-So technically his moustache wasn't real. Neither was he. But it is pretty damn cool!

4. Groucho Marx-Another non-existing moustache. But you can't have a cool moustache list without it!

5. Sammy Davis Jr- People think it was the singing, the dancing and the charisma that made Mr. Bojangles a hit. It wasn't. It was the moustache.

6.  Hercule Poirot-If I was a man I would grow a moustache like this.

7. Salvador Dali-I wonder how long it took him to style it in the mornings?

8. Charlie Chaplin-Possibly the most iconic moustache there is. There is actually a t-shirt of his moustache!

9. Albert Einstein-Once again, it was not the brain that made him smart. It was the moustache!

10. Bobby Darin-This is a silly moustache. A really silly moustache. But I honestly do think Bobby would still be adorable if he had a Dumbledore beard down to his ankles!

I seriously don't think anyone is still reading this. I had a serious moustache overload! But it was so much fun!


Millie said...

yessssssss! Mustaches.

Michael Redgrave and Olivier mustaches rule.

Also: Robert Donat, Clark Gable, and William Powell!

I love this post!

But, POOR Bobby. That was definitely an unnecessary mustache! ;-D

Niamhy said...

I totally forgot about Robert Donat! Oh, I'm slapping myself! I love him!

And yeah. That. Totally unnecessary. But I still love it! Haha!

Millie said...

You should be. The Donat 'Stache is a must! ;-D

It's his "Bob" mustache. When he was going through his "Bob Darin" stage. Highly odd. BUT STILL CRAZILY AMAZING! ;-D

Niamhy said...

Oh yeah, the Bob period! I think that period is actually really sad-to think that so much talent was wasted...even just for a short time!

And Donat...he just wouldn't be the same without the fuzz, would he?

aztrix said...

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