Thursday, 30 December 2010

You Can't Have Christmas Without...

Mark showing up at Juliette's door with those placards. 

Yes, Niamhy The Old Romantic is back! Seriously though-I dare you to watch this and not feel all slushy inside! Even if you hate this movie with a passion, you can not help but feel for poor Mark-in love with his best friend's wife. Wouldn't you hate to be in his situation?

Here's the scene-oh, wait! I advise you grab some tissues first, just in case!

(Unfortunately I can't embed it on the blog, but here's the link-WATCH IT!)

I'm not sure how I can connect this to classic movies. Could this one day become a classic romance scene? This remains to be seen, but it is in my eyes one of the greatest romantic moments of all time.



Mercurie said...

I think Love Actually is on its way to becoming a classic. It's one of those few modern films that clssic film buffs love. And I know a whole lot of people who love it. As for me, I think Mark wound up with Juliette in the end, and Peter found someone else. It's the only way to keep me from totally breaking down at Mark's situation.

Niamhy said...

I tried to keep our little story in my mind when I watched it last didn't really work. I was still a total mess.

Raquelle said...

I actually love, Love, Actually. It's one of my favorite movies and I've seen it every year ever since I watched it the first time at the theaters when it came out. I have to say, this is one of the scenes I like the least. Mostly because I can't stand Kiera Knightley! It is a very sweet gesture though and a good way to confess his repressed feelings and just move on. I think it wraps up his storyline very well!

My favorite love story is between the Prime Minister and Natalie. I even got a red coat just like hers so I can say "where the F is my F-ing coat" when I'm looking for it. ha!

Niamhy said...

I love how you started your comment-clever! ;-P

I can only stand Keira Knightley in small doses, but I could stand Andrew Lincoln 'til the end of the world (he played Edgar in Wuthering Heights, and I just thought he was brilliant)!

The story between the Prime Minister and Natalie is so sweet! And every time my mum and I watch it, we ALWAYS comment on Natalie's coat.

PS-I would love to say that when I'm looking for my coat, but I think my mother would probably bury me alive. ;-P