Saturday, 11 December 2010

Quote Of The Day!

This from the delightful Danny Kaye!

'Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it.'


Anonymous said...

Danny Kaye is cool. I watched part of The Court Jester on Youtube Wednesday night, and it was pretty good...Glynis Johns & Angela Lansbury were both in it too. And I love him in Up In Arms with Dana Andrews!

Niamhy said...

He's scary in The Court Jester! Eek! ;-P

Okay, I really need to watch more Dana movies!

He played Hans Christian Anderson as well-that movie's pretty...bright. ;-P

And you can't forget White Christmas, Emm! Do you like it yet? Have I converted you? ;-P

Anonymous said...

Actually, I stopped watching after the woman hypnotized him or whatever. Seemed like a lame plot device..

Up in Arms is on Youtube! It's super, though I'm not crazy about Dinah Shore.

Eeek, well, I haven't watched White Christmas this year. Haven't had time!

Niamhy said...

I was traumatized after The Court Jester. I've pushed all of it out of my mind. ;-P

I will definitely watch this! YAY FOR DANA!

I haven't go round to watching it either. Might watch it tonight. :-P