Sunday, 5 December 2010

Why Do Blogs Hate Me?

Once again, Blogger won't let me upload any images! I hate this! Gah!

Whether or not there will be any posts today depends upon whether or not Blogger decides to like me again, because I really need some pretty pictures!

Please be nice Blogger, pretty pretty please! (I'm pathetic, I know(sigh)...)


Mercurie said...

I have had the same problem lately when I use Blogger with Firefox. It won't let me upload images. If I use Safari, however, it will! I still write my posts and publish them using Firefox though!

Samantha said...

That happens to me

a lot ):
check out my blog, i have a surprise for you!

Niamhy said...

@Mercurie The genius that is Mercurie (may have) solved my problem! I USE FIREFOX! Yay! Thank you!

@Samantha Blogger is evil. It clearly doesn't like Irish people. ;-P

I'll check it now!