Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy (What Would Be) Golden Wedding Anniversary, Bobby And Sandy! (Oh, And Mother And Father!)

It would have been Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee's (need I say one of my favourite, if not my ultimate favourite, Old Hollywood couple? Didn't think so!) 50th wedding anniversary if they hadn' know...(I can't say it-it breaks my little heart!)
Not an actual photo from their wedding-of course!
 Well, I'm going to celebrate their wedding anniversary anyway! Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary, my dearies (even if I am the teeniest bit jealous of Sandy...just the teeniest bit)!

The adorableness is a tad on the overwhelming side!
I should maybe add that on this day, in 1984, my mum and dad also got married. Imagine-26 years ago! Happy wedding anniversary to you guys too! (And she promises me that she didn't choose this date intentionally...and I believe her!)

No, my mother and father are NOT Scott and Charlene from Neighbours, but they were married in the 80's, and all weddings in the 80's were like Scott and Charlene's from Neighbours.

PS-It is official. I MUST get married on December 1st.


Anonymous said...

I just realized you get to spell "favorite" f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e. I envy you -- you get to spell EVERTYHING in uber cool, British ways.

AWWWWW...I love them together. Which movie is the wedding photo from?

I'm slightly shocked that Bogie & Bacall aren't your favourite Old Hollywood couple though...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! ;D

Niamhy said...

Haha-that's pretty random! But perfectly normal for us!

They're so cute-it kills. ;-P

Ah-I said 'one of' and 'maybe'-you know how indecisive I am! I have lots of favourite (or favorite!) couples!

I'll pass on the message! :-D

Mercurie said...

Bobby and Sandy are one of my favourite Hollywood couples too! Bobby was just cool and Sandy was so pretty!

Happy anniversary to your parents! Wow, they've been married for as long as I've been an adult!

And speaking as someone who favours proper Queen's English spellings over the debased American ones, I am so happy I'm not the only person I know who uses British spellings! :-)

Niamhy said...

They're just awesome-they should be everyone's favourite Hollywood couple! ;-P

My parents were young when they got married, because they'd known each other for AGES.

It's so annoying-I get a little red dotted line underneath a lot of my words! I DIDN'T SPELL IT WRONG, I JUST SPELL DIFFERENTLY! (Excuse my rant at the auto-correct.) ;-P

Mercurie said...

See if you can set your spell check to British English or UK English (both are misleading, as everybody but the U.S. and some of Canada uses it). That's what I did! No more telling me my proper English spellings are wrong!

Niamhy said...

Haha-good idea!

Samantha said...

Sandra Dee may well be one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen!
(an bobby darin is definatly up there is glourious looking people too!)

*i Completly understand the obbsession :D

Happy late wedding anniverssairy Niamhys parents!

Niamhy said...

TRUE! FOR BOTH OF THOSE STATEMENTS! Haha! (But hey! Hands off Bobby! ;-P)

Thank you for understanding...few people do... ;-P

I will tell them you said that! :-D

Niamhy said...

Hey! It's Samantha! (I just checked your profile-I DIDN'T REALISE IT WAS YOU!)