Monday, 6 December 2010

Me? Hate Fred Astaire? Say It Ain't So!

That title may be a little misleading. I'm just going to make it clear to everyone right now: I LOVE FRED ASTAIRE! HE IS AWESOME!
However, I do hate Ted Hanover. This is him:

He looks like Fred Astaire. He dances like Fred Astaire. But boy, he is NOT Fred Astaire!
Ted Hanover is the obnoxious, over-confident, selfish, limelight-loving performer Fabulous Fred plays in Holiday Inn. It is impossible to like him. I've seen Holiday Inn a few times before, but each time I can't believe that this idiot is our lovely gentleman, Mr. Astaire. He is so different from Don Hewes, Josh Barkley, Tony Hunter, Dick Avery...all of them! Well, they might be semi-in-love with the limelight, but still!

I really want to find out where he learned how to fly
This post isn't actually going anywhere, but it sort of proves how wonderful an actor Fred really is. Thank you for enduring my rant!

PS-This is just a little 'shoutout' (I think that's what children these days call it!) to the amazingly crazy (but in a good way) Samantha! Samantha is off to Australia for three weeks...which means I won't see her for about...FIVE WEEKS (this is including my Christmas holidays and stuff...I'm not going crazy and don't think three weeks and five weeks equal the same amount of time)! I'm gonna miss ya, buddy! (Sob, sob)


Mercurie said...

I have to agree with you. Fred Astaire is great, but Ted Hanover was an absolute heel! He's probably the only one of Mr. Astaire's characters I don't like!

Niamhy said...

I think he's the only Freddie character I don't like too! He has a character only a mother would love! ;-P

Jon said...

Oh, I think that you are being too hard on Ted. It's really his agent who is the conniver and he is always convincing Ted to agree. Ted always seems to have reservations and even feels guilty at times for stealing his friend Jim's girl. But, everyone seems to be scheming in this movie-it's really one of these type of comedies and not to be taken too seriously. Ted is very cute and charming, and seems to be quite vulnerable. Besides, he's a funny and likable guy, for all his flaws.

Niamhy said...

Hmm...yeah, I see were your coming from about Ted's agent. And hey, even Bing does a bit of conniving in this! ;-P

Next time I watch it I will definitely look at it from a different point of view.

Thank you for your comment!