Monday, 25 October 2010

To All Lovers Of Jamaica Inn (1939): There's A New Fan In Town!

I have been informed by Millie over at Classic Forever that there are approximately four fans of Alfred Hitchcock's 1939 adaptation of Jamaica Inn on this earth. Well, all four of you will be excited to hear there is now a fifth!

This movie has been voted one of the worst movies ever made. I honestly don't see how it can come to that! Yes, the movie has its flaws but it isn't 'one of the worst movies ever made'! Sheesh! (;-D)
Maureen O'Hara is wonderful in what is her first starring role under the name of 'Maureen O'Hara' (she was in a movie called The Irish Molly credited as Maureen Fitzsimons). I think she portrays Mary Yellan excellently, alternating between many different emotions smoothly all in one scene. Charles Laughton is the very comical villain, Sir Humphrey Pengallan. I couldn't help but laugh each time he appeared on screen, yet feel slightly terrified of him also (yes, I'm a bit of a scaredy-ba. And this is an Irish word which no-one will probably understand.)! I also liked how Joss was portrayed-you loathed him, but you could also sympathise with him. I didn't feel like this at all when I read the book (I was just terrified of him!).

What I don't understand is why Mr. Hitchcock didn't stay true to the novel. There were many HUGE differences between the book and the movie-and one which really confused me was why Jem Merlyn suddenly became Jem Trehearne! Okay, maybe not the most important thing in the story, but I love how Daphne Du Maurier wrote the scenes between Mary and him. It was quite awkward, as she could see her Uncle Joss in him, yet was helplessly falling in love with him all the same (darn it, my romantic side has been coming out a lot this week!). There were lots more differences, but I don't want to ruin the book for anyone (which I recommend you read, like, now!).

No-one else find it rather ironic that Robert would go on the play Long John Silver?!
Overall, I rather loved Jamaica Inn, and found it a very enjoyable viewing. Now, I'm going to come out of movie-reviewer mode and say, 'THIS MOVIE ROCKS! DON'T DISMISS IT!' That is all.


Millie said...

YAAAAAAY! YAAAAAY! YAAAAAAY! And, I'm totally gonna read the book now!

Niamhy said...

You should-it's brilliant! Jem is so cool in it (you've probably guessed that Jem is my favourite character)!