Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Favourite Actors!

Whenever someone asks me who my favourite actor is I totally freak out. My mind goes totally blank, and I can never think of anything to say! So, for future reference, here are my top 10 favourite actors. And, may I add, all these actors are first place-I can't rank them!

 1. Gregory Peck

He is The Man. When anyone says 'Gregory Peck' I simply reply 'The Man'. That is the only way to describe him.

2. Humphrey Bogart

He can do angry and brooding. And he can do...angry and brooding. And did he mention he can do angry and brooding? C'mon, what more do you expect from Bogie?

3. Laurence Olivier

He is an AMAZING actor! He can play any literary character there is-and he has an amazing moustache! (Which I have just discovered is not present in this photo-what happened there?!)

4. Donald O'Connor

One simple reason-he makes me laugh. Oh wait-he was also my granda's favourite actor. My granda was Donald O'Connor. Well, that's what he told my mother. And she believed him.

5. Fred Astaire

The guy's got style. And he can move. And not only could he move-he could sing and act while doing it too!

6. Rock Hudson

Rock didn't really act as much as he reacted by pulling faces to other people's remarks. But I love him!

7. Orson Welles

One word: smooth. Two more words: Citizen Kane.

8. James Dean

Jimmy only starred in three movies-but he fairly made an impact, didn't he? He fully embodied an angsty (not actually a word!) teen.

9. Archie Leach

North By Northwest. Suspicion. Notorious. To Catch A Thief. The Awful Truth. His Girl Friday. Need I continue?

10. Bobby Darin

Would any list of mine be complete without him? In a word-NO. He will probably make an appearance in the favourite actresses and favourite directors lists too! But seriously now-BOBBY COULD REALLY ACT! He could do comedy, drama, psychotic killer, mentally unstable corporal-he was very versatile! 

You will no doubt be hearing a lot about these guys in the very near future! And I will probably have another post in a few days for actors I have forgotten. Ah well-I'll never change!


Anonymous said...

You do know that Bobby Darin photo is from If a Man Answers, don't you? ;D

So...I listed four of the same actors you did. And Gregory Peck topped both our lists!

Apparently, Darling Greg was considered for the role of McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, which was originally titled, The Man. Isn't that scary?

Niamhy said...

Yes, I know! If I can't have the movie, I'll just find a lot of stills and piece them together. It actually does feel like you've seen it!

And woah! That's is so weird! I've called Gregory 'The Man' since the day I could talk! And I really overuse exclamation marks!