Thursday, 28 October 2010

Creepy Series To Watch At Halloween: The Twilight Zone!

I know I said I was going to blog about movies, but how can I exclude The Twilight Zone? It is the epitome of creepiness!

The Twilight Zone is the best TV show ever. No doubt about it. Don't even question this statement, because it is the truth.
It is just so awesome! The stories are excellent-some of the writing is just wonderful (check out season 1, episode 2-The One For The Angels-it's so gorgeous yet creepy; it made me cry!). Also, the acting is pretty great (even if somewhat animated!), and Rod Serling's narration is easily recognisable (and slightly unnerving...darn it, I used the ellipses again!).

Kind of reminds you of the dream sequence in Spellbound, doesn't it?

Really, you can watch The Twilight Zone all year round, but watching it at Halloween multiplies the shivers by about ten million-I would love to watch a Twilight Zone marathon on Halloween night!

(PS-strangely, a guy on a politics show my dad is watching just mentioned The Twilight Zone. Weird...)

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