Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Quote Of The Day (and Happy Birthday, Carole Lombard)!

One from the beautiful Carole Lombard!

'I`ve lived by a man`s code designed to fit a man`s world, yet at the same time I never forget that a woman`s first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick.' 

Happy birthday Carole!


Raquelle said...

That's a really amazing quote. I've been thinking a lot about gender roles recently and this really comes at an important time.

Love your blog. You are awesome. <3

Niamhy said...

Well, you know what they say-great minds think alike! Haha!

And thank you! That's so nice! And ditto-your blog is wonderful!

VP81955 said...

We're having a Lombard blogathon -- and you're invited!

From Oct. 6 to 9, “Carole & Co.” will sponsor its first-ever blogathon, “Carole-tennial(+3)!” named in honor of the 103rd anniversary of Carole Lombard’s birth. You can learn more about it (along with banners you can borrow) at