Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Teresa Wright!

Happy birthday to Teresa Wright, aka the lovely Young Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt! I've been in a very Charlie mood today, haven't I?!

LOVE what she's wearing!


Anonymous said...

I love her. I saw Pride of the Yankees as a kid, but I don't remember her at all, so I'm thinking of re-watching it, even though it's a sports film and Gary Cooper is the main star.

When I saw Shadow of a Doubt a couple of months ago, I wanted to be her. Very strange, but true.

She was so...natural! Have you seen The Best Years of Our Lives yet?

Niamhy said...

You're not strange...because that means I am too! I wanted to be her...and I don't know why!

And no, I haven't, but I was searching it tonight, so there will no doubt be a post about it very soon!