Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Rita Hayworth and Montgomery Clift!

Happy birthday to the gorgeous Rita Hayworth (who I only discovered recently was once Mrs. Orson Welles-why was I not aware of this?!) and to the lovely Montgomery Clift (another one of my granda's favourite actors)!

This one is obviously Rita

And this one is obviously Monty


Anonymous said...

I've seen only one Rita Hayworth picture. She played Cary Grant's old flame in Only Angels Have Wings. It's one of my favorite movies ever.

I haven't seen Montgomery Clift in ANYTHING.

Seriously, why do I make all these shocking admissions?!

Niamhy said...

You haven't seen Monty in anything?! You simply have to watch I's wonderful (though slightly predictable!).

And I've only seen a few Rita films myself (I haven't seen that one you're talking about, but Archie? I must watch it!)-I wouldn't go out and search for one of her movies like I would do other actors.