Sunday, 16 January 2011

Evil Songs-Dream Lover

I love this song. But it is truly evil. Complete evil. Sheer evilness.
Bobby knew what he was doing. He set out to write a song that would eat it's way into your brain. AND STAY THERE.
Listen...and try to escape the wonderfulness and evilness that is Dream Lover!

PS-How young and adorable is Bobby in this? AW!

PPS-Shoot. I just realised something. Millie posted something like this a LONG time ago. SORRY MILLIE! THIS WAS TOTALLY UNINTENTIONAL! 


kate gabrielle said...

I love this song, but you listen to it once and it's stuck in your brain for years!!! :D

Niamhy said...

That is truth! ;-P

Millie said...


And I am LOVING THIS SERIES! Seriously!

I mean I'm loving, HATING THIS SERIES! ;-DDD

Niamhy said...

That is EXACTLY the reaction I wanted! Thank you! ;-P