Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Quote Of The Day!

One from Hedy Lamarr, because...well, for no reason actually. I just like this quote. 

'A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.'

Well, I'm actually sort of drowned at the moment by an art project I'm doing about, well, trees. So maybe that's why it appealed to me-BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY THE ARTWORK SHE IS TALKING ABOUT IS THE POLAR OPPOSITE OF MINE! 



Anonymous said...

Yikes! You do art too?! I mean, in addition to singing/dancing in Wizard of Oz and similar things?!

Niamhy said...

In my school you do quite literally EVERYTHING! We do Maths, English, Science, Learning For Life And Work, RE, History, Music, Science, French and/or Spanish and/or Irish (you've to choose two of those!), Technology and Design, Geography, PE (or gym, as you guys call it!), Home Economics, Art and Drama. Next year, I choose only the subjects I want to do, for which we do exams (there's usually between 10 and 12 you choose, but there are even MORE subjects to choose from!). Then, in two years, I'll choose about 4 subjects to do exams in, and those depend on the career I want to do.

Stressful business, ain't it? Haha!

Niamhy said...

That was a seriously over-epic comment!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Heavy amount of stuff! We call gym "PE" here too. But, I'm very glad I'm homeschooled. I'm probably going to finish my senior year before June too, which is amazing!

Niamhy said...

I thought you called it gym-silly me!

You're almost finished school?! YOU'RE SO UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY! Haha!