Monday, 1 November 2010

THE Creepy Movie To Watch At Halloween: Psycho!

Yes, I am aware of the fact that it is November. But I simply have to write this post!

Psycho is disturbing. Psycho is unnerving. And Psycho is definitely creepy! This is why it is absolutely perfect viewing for Halloween night. However, with this particular movie, I will warn you that it is advisable to have a pillow nearby if it is your first time viewing, just in case!
Mr. Hitchcock obviously cared very much about this movie, as he took many precautions to ensure that the movie was not ruined for anyone, including buying as many of the books as he could find and even putting up cardboard cut-outs of himself outside all cinemas showing the movie, informing people that if they tried to enter the theatre after the beginning they would be met by force. If Hitchcock told me that I would definitely run away from the cinema...probably screaming. He's terrifying like that.

I want one of these for my bedroom. Seriously.
I have a question, though: HOW ON EARTH DID ANTHONY PERKINS NOT WIN A BLOOMIN' OSCAR?!  Seriously! How ridiculous! Did the AMPAS even watch his performance? I actually wish they didn't, because then that would mean they would have an excuse for not nominating him!

I love this photo! I love Vespas...and Tony Perkins!
Overall, this movie is brilliance. Just brilliance. GO WATCH IT (AND YES, THIS IS AIMED AT YOU, EMM)!


Anonymous said...

But I dislike disturbing, creepy, unnerving movies! And I had so much fun watching deliciously violent Shane last night. It was...refreshing and brutal. (Forgive me while I sigh with pleasure.)

I'd actually be more likely to watch Vertigo than Psycho, even though Jimmy Stewart is in it!

Niamhy said...

Haha-don't worry about it, I just wanted to see how long it would take you to give up and just watch it to shut me up. And Shane is in my list of movies to watch (my brother recommends these things!).

And why does everyone hate Jimmy Stewart? Sheesh! (I'm not a fan, but I don't hate him at all. My life would be put at risk by my brother if I did.)

Anonymous said...

Perkins wasn't all that well liked by actors and those are the people who vote on acting award nominations. Critics had not particularly responded to many of his earlier performances either so Perkins was not considered an important (Oscar loves importance) actor. Plus, many thought that Perkins was merely playing a version of himself. All of these reasons are stupid. But they cost Perkins a well-deserved Oscar nomination. As Hitchcock wrote to Perkins when he heard the Oscar nominees, "I am ashamed of your fellow actors."

Twitter @HitchandPsycho

Niamhy said...

I wasn't actually aware of that-thank you for informing me!

And they thought he was playing a version of himself? I'm hoping they're talking about cute, likable Norman-because then what sort of person did they think he was?! Haha!