Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Abandonment Of The Blogosphere...

My actions have been totally unforgivable. I'm an outrage. I'm a disgrace. I don't deserve to be part of the blogosphere. I really don't.

But it had to be done, I assure you all! School is killing me a bit at the moment and...well, school is killing me a bit at the moment. I HAD NO CHOICE!

I promise you, dear blog, I will return. Find you, love you, marry you...I'm quoting Atonement again, aren't I? Scrap that. Um...basically, I will be blogging regularly again very soon.


I leave you with this, just because it has been stuck in my head for all of eternity. Enjoy!


Noemi said...

Just found your blog through a google seach looking for pictures of classic iconic celebrities wearing turbans (wow is that right?) Anyhow I will be linking back to your picture of Greta Garbo in the Hat, scarf, turban thingy :)
I am following you via GFC and glad that you will be blogging again soon, I too have fallen behind on both of my blogs!
♥ Noemi
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Niamhy said...

Really?! THAT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL! I get so excited when I hear my blog appears on Google images. Hehe. ;-P

It's just so hard to keep with everything sometimes, isn't it?!

I have followed back. Thank you for stopping by! :-P