Tuesday, 22 February 2011


*cue rant*

Whoever thought this was ever going to work was obviously a very optimistic person. Wishful thinking.

This physically hurts me. PHYSICALLY. HURTS. ME.

Whilst casually browsing through my tweets last night I noticed something. Something that made me a very unhappy bunny. I started to panic, as the tale began to unravel, and I came to this conclusion...Glee had recreated Make 'Em Laugh.

My first reaction was one of disgust. Then of sheer fear. I really did not want to see this. But I gave into temptation, and finally combed YouTube...and the video above is what I saw.

Poor Donald will be doing back-flips in his grave.

Ugh...I need to go watch some stellar classic movies to take my mind off this monstrosity.

*rant over*


Millie said...


That was the most pathetically depressing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

All they tried to to was completely copy Donald...which they failed miserably at! That one guy even tried to fake Donald's expressions at one point.

GAHHH! GLEE truly is evilness personified.


Mercurie said...

Honestly, I wish the producers of Glee would leave the classics alone and stick with Justin Beiber and Madonna, with which their audience is no doubt more familiar.

It is bad enough they had to rape The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now they have to rape Singin' in the Rain too!

Lindsay Frost said...

*dies* I knew there had to be a reason why I didn't watch "this" show.

Niamhy said...

@Millie ABSOLUTELY! His stupid expressions AGGRAVATE me! And what is he doing at the very start, with the 'long people have short faces and short people have long faces'? IT REALLY IS EVILNESS PERSONIFIED!

@Mercurie What annoys me the most about that is that these kids think Glee WROTE these! :-/ And surely they should be thrown in jail for such crimes! ;-P

@Lindsay Frost My sentiments EXACTLY! >:(

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Even after reading your post I was not prepared for that. You are right, it is actually painful to watch.

Donald O'Connor, Matthew Morrison is not. Wow. Just, wow.

Niamhy said...

I went on another rant about this today. Still can't get over it. >:(