Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I believe Valentine's Day is a celebration of people's love for one another-and that doesn't have to be love of the romantic kind! So go tell someone you love them!

This is a little video I made of some of my favourite (ahem, 'real-life'. My favourite fictional couples are coming soon!) couples. And I promise-they're all uber adorable! Hope you enjoy it!

Oh! I should also say happy 20th birthday to my big brother! He's now one fifth of the way to being 100 years old. WOAH.

Oh. I forgot to mention-my brother is Billy Joel. 


NoirGirl said...

Yeah right on Billy Joel. ;P

Niamhy said...

He actually is Billy Joel. I'm being completely serious.

All together now-for the longest time! ;-P Gotta love Billy. ;-P