Sunday 16 October 2011

A Few Weekends In Outfits...That Title Doesn't Even Make Sense...I'm Awful At This...Seriously...

Over the past few weeks I've had the absolute pleasure of being able to have three of the most amazing experiences in my life. However, because I become completely inarticulate when attempting to describe said experiences, I decided it was probably best if I just posted photos of the outfits I wore. Obviously. That would just be an easy alternative, wouldn't it? So, without further ado, MY OUTFITS!


The Overtones, 2nd October. Possibly the greatest night of my life so far. It'll probably be the last few hours I'll remember when the dementia's got me. And I can't even fathom the words to describe it. Ajdbchbajcbihabc. That is all.

Everything is basically from Topshop. Wait...yeah, everything. Something is going to become very clear as this article progresses...


My Cousin Louis' Wedding, 7th October. It was 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' themed. And it was awesome. And I loved it. And it was also one of the best nights of my life. And there was dancing. LOTS AND LOTS OF DANCING!

Dress-Topshop ( it becoming any clearer now?)
Shoes-Irregular Choice


Noah And The Whale, 9th October. The Overtones and Noah And The Whale are pretty much the only two modern bands that I fangirl over, so seeing the both of them in the matter of a week was really something. It was all standing (except for the old folks in the balconies) and I was the smallest person there and yes, a couple of times I did get trampled on...BUT IT WAS STILL A NIGHT OF AMAZING BRILLIANCE!

Please excuse the ugly wires in the corner.
 Jumper, shirt and Chelsea boots-Topshop
My awesome earrings which you can't actually see but which totally need a mention-Urban Outfitters


The Day Of Extreme Boredness*, 11th October. I don't even know what to do with my life. And all I want to do is go shopping. And eat blueberry muffins. And the world is so unfair. How long until Downton Abbey comes on my telly-box?!

Shirt and brogues-Topshop...
Skirt-River Island

So I'll just sit here for the rest of the day with a face on me that looks a little like this....

....and firmly believe in the phrase that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. 'Cos I haven't seen my Sunday Staff Buddies in about three weeks.

Au revoir! Hold on a anyone still reading this?!

PS-anyone guess what my favourite shop is? ;-P



kate gabrielle said...

These are all so cute! I think I love #2 and #4 the most :D And a Nightmare Before Christmas wedding sounds AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

This post should definitely be tagged under "Unbearable Cuteness."

I love the purple and red awesomeness that's happening in second photo. I'm kind of scared to try it myself, but it's such a fabulous trend.

And the last outfit is just mind-blowingly adorable. And very Niamhy.

PLEASE, you must send me an in depth email about THE OVERTONES concert!

QUB English Society said...

@Kate Gabrielle Awwww, thank you, Kate! And it was amazing-THE BRIDE HAD A JACK SKELLINGTON GARTER AND EVERYTHING! Um...maybe I shouldn't be sharing that info... :-P

@Emm Thank yooooou! Try it-IT'S SO MUCH FUN! They're completely contrasting and you feel like a Christmas tree. It's all cool.

And very 'Niamhy'. I like that. I'm now an adjective. That was my ambition in life. To be an adjective.

Of course, m'dear! I SHALL! Lots to tell! :-P

Sarah Mann said...

Aww Niamhy you're the most adorable person ever. All of that red looks so great on you!! I love outfit number 4 :D

QUB English Society said...

Awww, thank you, Sarah! You're such a wee sweetie! :')