Sunday, 5 June 2011

Very Smooth Moves Going On Over Here! (AKA I'm Ashamed Of My Niamhy Shuffle When I Watch These Dudes And Their Coolness)

First and foremost, I need to apologise for my abandonment of my lovely bloggy-wog. Sometimes school seriously stinks, ESPECIALLY when you've got exams coming up. And you're stressed. And you've got A PILE of homework that just has to be done. But enough of my ranting, onto the point of this post...

Sometimes I am just amazed when I watch certain people perform. They have such a presence on stage, I sit and gaze at them with my jaw skimming the floor. TOTALLY. IN. AWE.

So here are some of the 'smooth moves', as they are lovingly acknowledged brain, that leave me longing for slippy shoes and a bit more suave.

Bobby Darin-Midnight Special. If I'm being completely honest, I cannot watch this without ending up in fits of giggles. Bobby is obviously having the time of his life up there! YOU GO, BOBBY!

Elvis Presley-Suspicious Minds. The dude's just cool.


Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor-The Sitting Dance. They are sitting. And dancing. AT THE SAME TIME. Anyone who says this isn't awesome doesn't know the true definition of awesome.

Well, I think that's enough to baffle and amuse your eyes for now. Au revoir, dear friends!

PS-I DO NOT OWN THESE VIDEOS. Just to avoid any trouble-better safe than sorry!


Mercurie said...

Somehow I knew you had to work The Overtones in there. LOL.

Niamhy said...

I can work them in anywhere-even my French exam this morning! Hahaha! ;-P